Remember when your mother forced you to take piano lessons and you hated every moment, only wishing to be outside with your friends? While some quickly outgrow their lessons and never follow through as an adult, there are others who take the craft quite seriously, like solo pianist Vladimir Borisovich Tiagunov.
“Although my father was an engineer, he knew how to play piano and was the first one to teach me the very basic principles of it,” he said.



Music is quite a lot more than what reaches your ears. Soulful music holds the potential to intrigue you enough to transport you beyond your immediate worlds, bridge the barriers between the past and the present and see beyond the lyrics. Meet Vladimir Borisovich Tiagunov, a 29 year old pianist, who has perfected the art of piano playing in its ‘conventional’ and ‘modern’ forms.


The Free Press Journal

The theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) proposes that human potential has a wider range than just IQ. As per Harvard psychologist, Dr. Howard Gardner, there are eight different intelligences, one of which is musical intelligence. However, very few children with the special gift of musical intelligence pursue their innate potential more than just a hobby. Internationally recognized and award-winning pianist Vladimir Tiagunov found his calling early on in life. Encouraged and taught the first lessons of piano by his father, Vladimir gave his first piano recital at his music school in Russia at the age of nine.



Music is the universal language of our souls. It gives wing to the mind and flight to the imagination. It takes more than just years of hard work and extensive training because the true form of music comes from passion and dedication for the art. Some of the biggest pioneers of the field dedicated their entire lives towards their love for music and thus aced the art of this higher revelation. One such individual who has caused a stir in the music community around the world, is the immensely talented Vladimir Tiagunov.


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Short of being clairvoyant, many of us cannot predict what the future has in store for conventional music lovers. While skeptics reiterate their premonitions about the future of “conventional music industry,” a legion of artists is already redefining the notion.  

Among them is 29-year-old Vladimir Borisovich Tiagunov, a music laureate of numerous regional and national competitions.


IB Times

All maestros have one thing in common. They love their art above everything and practice it till they are near-perfect at it. Achieving a maestro status is no easy feat. You need to dedicate yourself to the art, train hard and have enough perseverance to ensure you are the best at it. The same was the case with Vladimir Tiagunov—acclaimed pianist, chamber musician, and piano professor.


The Asian Age

Playing the piano, strumming a guitar, or beating a set of drums - whether you are 8 or 80 years old, it’s never too late to learn a musical instrument. So says a world-renowned solo pianist and ‘Music Without Borders’ winner who has been playing piano since he was a mere youngster growing up in Temirtau, Russia.

Vladimir Borisovich Tiagunov, 30, who holds many certifications, titles, and degrees pertaining to music, has played solo and chamber music in concert halls in Germany, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and throughout the United States..


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It is fair to say that a lot of people who are at the top of their professions right now got their start at an early age. It was the support of their encouraging parents and constant guidance that led them to reach new heights and overcome challenging barriers at every point. Renowned Russian pianist, Vladimir Tiagunov is one of the many such artists who credit their success to their upbringing.



The road to success is often paved with inspiration, hard work, and relentless dedication. This statement holds well for pretty much any professional, whether it is a doctor, sportsperson, or a musician. These are the factors that truly separate the best from the rest of the herd. World-renowned pianist, Vladimir Tiagunov, certainly falls in the bracket of these dedicated professionals who have reached the pinnacle of their career and conquered a lot along the way.